Kitten Health & Care

From feeding and socialization to ensuring your kitten gets the right vaccinations, there's a lot to know about kittens before you first get one. Learn everything you need to know about raising a kitten into a strong, healthy cat!

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When Do Kittens Open Their Eyes?

Kittens are born blind and helpless, but before you know it, they’ll be pouncing around like an adult cat.

How to Determine Your Kitten’s Age Week-by-Week

Determining a kitten’s age isn’t hard, but it can require you to do a little detective work. Here’s how to figure out a kitten’s age from newborn to one year old.

Kitten Feeding Schedule: From Newborn to One Year

This chart shows you when, what, and how much to feed your fluffy bundle of joy. 

How and When To Use Kitten Formula To Bottle Feed Kittens

With the right tools, formula, and patience, you can give a newborn kitten what she needs to grow into a healthy cat.

What To Feed Your Kitten From Birth To Adulthood

Feeding your kitten properly from birth to adulthood is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy.

How to Bottle-Feed a Newborn Kitten the Right Way

From choosing the right bottle and nipple to coaxing a reluctant kitten to suck, here’s how to help an orphaned or abandoned kitten grow strong and healthy.

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Signs Your Kitten Is Teething and What to Do

Your kitten has started chomping on everything in sight—including your arm! She is teething, and her adult teeth are starting to come in. Here are the answers to all your questions about your tiny tiger’s growing pains.

How Often to Take Your Kitten or Cat to the Vet

All need to go to the vet sometimes (hello, recurring vaccinations). That familiarity can pay off down the road if your cat runs into health problems.