Cat Preventative Care

Keep your healthy cat feline fine with these expert preventative care tips and advice. Learn all about properly vaccinating your cat, keeping their teeth clean and nails trimmed along with other necessary regular health maintenance.

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Why the Rabies Vaccine for Cats Is So Important for Both You and Your Feline Friend
Most people think of rabies as a dog problem, but more cats than canines are reported to have the disease every year in the U.S.
Cat Vaccinations: Essential Shots & What to Expect
How do cat vaccinations work and which ones are important for your beloved feline friend? Here’s a rundown of key cat vaccinations your veterinarian is likely to suggest.
Can I Give My Itchy Cat Benadryl?
Before you give your cat anything to help with his itchiness, make sure you’re treating the real cause.
Why Vets Recommend the Distemper Vaccine for Cats
Virtually all cats will be exposed to the highly contagious virus that causes feline distemper at least once.
What Are Holistic Veterinarians & When Should You Visit One?
It might not be on your radar now, but it’s possible your dog or cat could benefit from holistic veterinary care, whether that’s acupuncture, herbal medicine, or chiropractic care.
How Often to Take Your Kitten or Cat to the Vet
All need to go to the vet sometimes (hello, recurring vaccinations). That familiarity can pay off down the road if your cat runs into health problems.

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How to Protect Your Cat from Heartworms
Heartworm prevention medication is something every cat needs—even an indoor feline.
How to Make Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth a Hassle-Free Experience
Knowing how often to brush your cat’s teeth is an essential part of his care routine. Your gentle touch and diligence when brushing will help keep his dental health in tip-top shape.

Feline Diabetes: Could Your Cat Be Diabetic?

Diabetes in cats can lead to weight loss, vomiting, dehydration, and even death.