Cat Preventative Care

Keep your healthy cat feline fine with these expert preventative care tips and advice. Learn all about properly vaccinating your cat, keeping their teeth clean and nails trimmed along with other necessary regular health maintenance.

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How to Spot, Treat, & Prevent Heartworm in Cats

Heartworm affects cats differently than dogs. Learn the signs and symptoms of heartworm in cats to help prevent heartworm-associated respiratory disease (HARD).

What You Need to Know About Kidney Disease in Cats

Extreme thirst and frequent urination may be signs of kidney disease in cats. Learn why regular veterinary care is key to discovering and managing the condition.

Could Your Cat Have Rabies?

Rabies in cats can be fatal, and vaccinating cats against rabies is the law. Learn signs of infection and whether rabies can spread through a cat scratch. 

How to Save a Choking Cat

To be prepared for an emergency, it's important to know these life-saving cat care strategies. Learn how to perform first aid in the event a cat is choking.

How to Save Money on Pet Care

Check out these smart ideas for keeping both your pet and your bank account healthy and happy.

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Cat Vaccinations: Essential Shots & What to Expect

How do cat vaccinations work and which ones are important for your beloved feline friend? Here’s a rundown of key cat vaccinations your veterinarian is likely to suggest.

Can I Give My Itchy Cat Benadryl?

Before you give your cat anything to help with his itchiness, make sure you’re treating the real cause.

How to Make Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth a Hassle-Free Experience

Knowing how often to brush your cat’s teeth is an essential part of his care routine. Your gentle touch and diligence when brushing will help keep his dental health in tip-top shape.