Common Cat Conditions & Treatments

As much as we want them to live forever with only sunshine and rainbows, cats are prone to a slew of certain diseases and health conditions. Learn all about common cat health conditions and treatments so you can get them the care they need to get back to purring and 'making biscuits'.

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What You Need to Know About Panleukopenia in Cats (AKA Feline Distemper)
If you’re unsure whether your newly adopted cat has been vaccinated against this virus, here’s what you should know about feline panleukopenia and keeping your kitty safe.
Cat Acne: Why It Pops Up and What You Can Do About It
Feline chin acne is rather uncommon, but our veterinary expert explains why it sometimes happens, home remedies to try, and when to see a professional.
Could Your Cat Have Feline Vestibular Disease?
Knowing the signs of vestibular disease in cats can help you identify it early and react swiftly to get your kitty feeling better ASAP.
Is Cat Lice Common? Here's What You Should Know
These pesky parasites could be a problem for outdoor cats—but there are preventative measures you can take.
Stomatitis in Cats: Symptoms, Treatment, and Caring for Your Kitty's Mouth
The exact cause of this inflammatory condition has veterinary experts stumped, but there are some options to get your cat feeling better again.
How to Tell If Your Cat Has Herpes
Cats can get herpes, but the symptoms look pretty different than they do in humans.

More Common Conditions & Treatments

What You Should Know About Feline Hyperesthesia and How to Help Your Kitty
If your cat doesn’t want to be petted, has erratic twitching behavior, and seems really uncomfortable, this unusual condition might be the reason why.
Signs Your Cat Has Asthma and How to Treat It
Feline asthma is a disease that affects up to five percent of cats. Here’s how to identify when your kitty has asthma so you can pinpoint the right treatment STAT.

How To Tell If Your Cat Has an Ear Infection and What to Do

Is your cat scratching his ears like crazy? It could be an ear infection. Find out what causes them and what you can do to help your kitty feel better fast.