Common Cat Conditions & Treatments

As much as we want them to live forever with only sunshine and rainbows, cats are prone to a slew of certain diseases and health conditions. Learn all about common cat health conditions and treatments so you can get them the care they need to get back to purring and 'making biscuits'.

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Wobbly Kitten Syndrome: Here's How to Help Your Cat Who Has Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Cerebellar hypoplasia might sound scary, but as long as you know how to manage it, your kitten can live a normal life.
Why Do Cats' Pupils Change?
We may not have feline mind-reading technology just yet, but we can determine a few things based on the size of our pet's pupils.
Allergies in Cats: How to Spot, Treat, and Prevent Them
Itchy kitty? Allergies could be to blame—and relief might be a visit to the vet or a swap of the litter away.
FIP in Cats: Here's What You Need to Know About This Devastating Disease
Feline infectious peritonitis is overwhelmingly fatal, but thankfully the disease is rare.
Can Cats Get COVID-19?
Yes, COVID-19 can affect cats, but here's why you shouldn't worry.
The 4 Signs You Have Cat Scratch Fever—Plus, How to Avoid Getting it in the First Place
The song "Cat Scratch Fever" may be playful in nature, but the disease is no laughing matter (and neither are the fleas that spread it).

More Common Conditions & Treatments

If Your Vet Hears Your Cat Has a Heart Murmur, Here's What It Might Mean
Kitty needs a thorough professional exam to determine if heart murmurs are cause for concern.
Is Your Cat Having Problems Nursing Her Kittens? She Could Have Mastitis
Mastitis is no fun for a cat or her kittens. Learn about this breast condition and what you can do to treat and prevent it.