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Keep your sweet kitty happy and healthy with tips on recognizing and treating common cat health conditions, first aid, reproductive and preventative care, and more. Trusted vets and pet experts weigh in on best practices in cat health care so your cat can keep living life to the furr-est.

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Cat Eye Infection Treatment: How To Administer Drops and Ointments
Getting medications into your cat's eyes can be very difficult. Learn tips and tricks to help you manage your cat's eye infection.
Cat Anesthesia and Sedation: Here's What to Expect When Your Kitty Needs Surgery
While they're not without risk, anesthesia and sedation play essential roles in feline veterinary procedures.
How Long Can Cats Go Without Water? A Day at Most
Dehydration sets in after 24 hours, so make sure your kitty always has access to fresh, clean water.
How Much Sleep Do Cats Need? A Lot, Experts Say
Plus, how much they sleep can vary on their lifestyle, boredom level, and even the season.
Wobbly Kitten Syndrome: Here's How to Help Your Cat Who Has Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Cerebellar hypoplasia might sound scary, but as long as you know how to manage it, your kitten can live a normal life.

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