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Keep your sweet kitty happy and healthy with tips on recognizing and treating common cat health conditions, first aid, reproductive and preventative care, and more. Trusted vets and pet experts weigh in on best practices in cat health care so your cat can keep living life to the furr-est.

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The Real Way to Calculate Your Cat’s Age in Human Years

After the first two years—boy, cats develop quickly—the conversion from cat years to human years is pretty easy. So we made a chart to show you the real way to calculate it.

Cat Constipation: What to Do If Your Cat Can’t Poo

If you want to help a constipated cat, there are a couple of safe home remedies, but please consult your vet first before trying them.

How to Treat a Cat Snakebite

Cats may have nine lives, but snakebites should still be taken seriously!

How To Tell If Your Cat Has an Ear Infection and What to Do

Is your cat scratching his ears like crazy? It could be an ear infection. Find out what causes them and what you can do to help your kitty feel better fast.

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Tried-and-True Tips and Tricks for Managing Ticks on Cats

Handling a tick on your cat may make your skin crawl, but these pesky parasites are preventable and manageable when handled with care.