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Keep your sweet kitty happy and healthy with tips on recognizing and treating common cat health conditions, first aid, reproductive and preventative care, and more. Trusted vets and pet experts weigh in on best practices in cat health care so your cat can keep living life to the furr-est.

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Why the Rabies Vaccine for Cats Is So Important for Both You and Your Feline Friend
Most people think of rabies as a dog problem, but more cats than canines are reported to have the disease every year in the U.S.
Cat Acne: Why It Pops Up and What You Can Do About It
Feline chin acne is rather uncommon, but our veterinary expert explains why it sometimes happens, home remedies to try, and when to see a professional.
Could Your Cat Have Feline Vestibular Disease?
Knowing the signs of vestibular disease in cats can help you identify it early and react swiftly to get your kitty feeling better ASAP.
Poison Hemlock Is Sprouting Rapidly Across the Country—Here's How to Protect Your Pets
Poison hemlock has sprouted up in almost every state this year. What do you do if your pet comes in contact with it?
Is Cat Lice Common? Here's What You Should Know
These pesky parasites could be a problem for outdoor cats—but there are preventative measures you can take.
This New App Could Tell You Whether Something's Wrong With Your Cat
Tably uses the feline grimace scale and artificial intelligence to determine whether your cat is happy. If not, she could be in pain.

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Stomatitis in Cats: Symptoms, Treatment, and Caring for Your Kitty's Mouth
The exact cause of this inflammatory condition has veterinary experts stumped, but there are some options to get your cat feeling better again.
How to Tell If Your Cat Has Herpes
Cats can get herpes, but the symptoms look pretty different than they do in humans.

9 Signs That You Need to Get Your Pet To the Emergency Room

Our pets can't talk to us to tell us what's wrong or when they don't feel well. Here, a veterinarian shares nine signs that show your pet needs immediate medical attention. Here's what to look for.