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Whether your cat BFF is shy and mysterious or loves nothing more than being the center of attention, we help you sort out why she does what she does and how you can help keep her happy and healthy.

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The Real Way to Calculate Your Cat’s Age in Human Years

After the first two years—boy, cats develop quickly—the conversion from cat years to human years is pretty easy. So we made a chart to show you the real way to calculate it.

We Know They're Serious Sunbathers, but Do Cats Sweat?

Maybe cats have something in common with us mere mortal humans after all—not that they’ll ever admit it.

Tried-and-True Tips and Tricks for Managing Ticks on Cats

Handling a tick on your cat may make your skin crawl, but these pesky parasites are preventable and manageable when handled with care.

Do Cats Dream? Definitely Probably, Say Veterinarians

Do cats dream of catching prey and eating food? Do they have nightmares of being frightened by a bigger animal? Do they dream of their owners? Feline-loving veterinarians share their thoughts on what felines might be imagining when they're lying there, twitching and wiggling with their eyes closed.

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Though sometimes cats seem aloof, your kitty can in fact get lonely when you’re not with them. Learn how to spot the signs of separation anxiety in cats and how to manage your closely-bonded feline’s stressors.

What You Need to Know About Kidney Disease in Cats

Extreme thirst and frequent urination may be signs of kidney disease in cats. Learn why regular veterinary care is key to discovering and managing the condition.