These striking Instagram kitties are some of the weirdest cats on the internet. And we’re totally here for it.

Conjure a picture in your head of a cat, and the odds are that we're all thinking of more or less the same thing: cute heart-shaped nose, little furry ears, and a swishy tail of fur. But as this list quickly shows, not all cats are created equal. We've got medical marvels, unfortunate hair situations, and at least one cat who absolutely looks like a celebrity. The one thing they all have in common? These are not your run-of-the-mill cats!

cat with big eyes
Credit: kiszon pascal / Getty

It's hard not to love cats, no matter how funny-looking they are. For some folks, these weird cat pictures might push the boundaries on what's considered cute, but for cat lovers, there's no odd kitty we don't want to see. Even better? Weird cat photos aren't just for entertainment (though they're certainly entertaining, don't get us wrong). These odd kitties teach us more about our feline friends, their quirks, and even help us better understand some interesting health conditions and breed types! Read on for more of the weirdest looking cats on the internet, and if you think your kitty should be featured, drop into our DMs at @dailypawsmag.

Just plain weird, or outright adorable? You decide. Meet one of the true originals of Internet Cat Fandom: Lil Bub. Born to a feral mother in 2011, Lil Bub was born with an extreme form of feline dwarfism that resulted in her limbs and lower jaw being significantly shorter, compared to the rest of her body. This led to her famously stunted appearance and made it impossible for her to keep her tongue inside her mouth, resulting in her instantly recognizable face. An internet sensation from the heyday of Tumblr, Lil Bub went on to garner 2.4 million Instagram followers and was the subject of books, interviews, and the 2013 documentary "Lil BUB & Friendz" (which won the award for Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival). Lil Bub passed away peacefully in December of 2019, but her Instagram legacy lives on.

Hobbikats might bill herself as the "OG owner of Oriental shorthairs on Instagram," but the biggest start of this four-cat show is Stache. This black-and-white kitty looks like he got a little too far into a melting Snickers bar. Aptly named, Stache has been blessed with a face that is hard to confuse for anyone else's. Except maybe Tom Selleck.

Sticking with the mustache theme, meet Hamilton the Hipster Cat. Looking like a Gilded Age bartender, Hamilton lives in San Francisco (because of course he does) and probably rides a penny-farthing bicycle to work everyday, where he keeps his rolled-up sleeves in place with elbow garters.

This is Sam. Sam lives in New York City and he's not entirely sure what you're doing, but those skeptical eyebrows show that he clearly doesn't think you should be doing it. The spotting pattern on this black and white kitty's fur makes it look like he has eyebrows. Not just any eyebrows. Nope, these eyebrows are plastered on to look like he's doing a Groucho Marx impression, even drawing comparisons to our favorite characters from Schitt's Creek (hi, Dan and Eugene Levy). Sam's eyebrows are peaked in such a way as to make him look perpetually uneasy with life. Poor guy. Good thing he can't read the news.

Pompous Albert is a Selkirk Rex, a breed of cats known for their unusually curly coat. But this fluffy boy does not look pompous. He looks angry at the world, perpetually Done With Your Crap. Just look at those yellow-golden eyes; intense. Maybe even smoldering. Maybe even possessed?! Albert is not to be trifled with.

And then there's our pal Venus the Two Face Cat. ("YOU DON'T WANT TO HURT THE BOY, HARVEY.") Venus is not worried. She is not angry. Venus is afloat on a placid sea of beauty. Venus is considered a chimeric kitty, meaning she was blessed with two sets of distinctly different DNA. In Venus' case, this has resulted in the fur on her head being divided right down the middle, giving her an almost photoshopped appearance. But we can assure you, this unique kitty is quite real.

This is Matilda or, as she's known to her 143,000 Instagram followers, Matilda the Alien Cat. Matilda has a condition known as spontaneous lens luxation, which occurs when the ligaments that hold the lens of the eye in place break down, allowing it to move. In Matilda's case, the lenses moved forward, resulting in the bulging appearance you see here. While they initially continued to function just like a normal set of eyes, the bulging lenses started causing more and more pressure in Matilda's head and, in March of 2016, she had to have both eyes removed. Now blind, Matilda lives a comfortable, happy life with her human and animal companions.

We're guessing Monk the Vampire Cat of @MonkAndBean is a favorite at every Halloween party he goes to. His ready-made vampire costume is always on and goes perfectly with his jet-black fur. Monk's elongated incisors didn't grow in until he was about a year old, but they don't seem to get in his way, since the rescue cat leads the life of a happy, normal kitty with his brother, Bean.

Meet Kylo Ren, also known by his Instagram handle @Catam_Driver. This is because, as you can already clearly see, this cat looks like Star Wars and Girls actor Adam Driver. In fact, after having stared at this cat for far too long already, I am not 100 percent convinced this Oriental longhair isn't actually Adam Driver conducting research for his next role.

Lykoi are odd-looking cats, no matter how you slice it. With an appearance that can be described as anything from "Hollywood werewolf" to "hairy Sphynx cat after a hard night of partying," Lykoi are decidedly not the typical soft and cuddly shorthair. James the Lykoi shares his Instagram with his housemate, Winston the pink Sphynx. So what we're trying to say is there's a whole lot of skin happening in this house.

This little critter is known as Princess Monster Truck, a name that's amazing in its own right. PMT, as she's affectionately known to her 281,000 Instagram followers, is a black Persian cat who was born with a genetic condition called brachycephaly. A somewhat common condition among Persians, brachycephaly can result in breathing issues caused by shortened or constricted airways or for PMT, a misaligned jaw. Luckily, aside from limiting the kinds of things she can eat, the Princess' humans say the cat has no ill effects from her condition and lives a happy, healthy life with her dog buddy named Frog.

This chinchilla Persian named Wilfred was born with the same condition as Princess Monster Truck. But, in addition to his misaligned jaw, Wilfred just...looks like he's seen some stuff, man. Wilfred's pedigree name is Fearless Warrior, but there appears to be nothing fearless about poor Wilfred.