These are making us yawn in the best possible way.

Any cat parent knows just how much their precious felines love to sleep. They'll snooze just about anywhere: in a cat tree, in a mini hammock, or (if they're lucky) in a heated cat bed or curled up next to their human at night. Regardless of where their favorite sunspot is, these kitties are hitting some serious Zzzs and we're jealous we can't join in. 

adorable kitten sleeping with his head on a remote
Credit: Courtesy of fosterkittenhq / Instagram

Sleeping with a pet may be a proven way to get a better night's rest and can even help your kids hit the hay, but for now, we'll make do by just admiring these kitties' cat naps. Here are 14 adorable Instagram cats making us want to snuggle up and hit the snooze button.


Juno's crib is definitely a step up from a cat shelf. What's the thread count on those sheets, and more importantly, are you gonna wash them after all that shedding? Regardless, she looks absolutely precious despite that side-eye. Sorry, Juno! We'll let you sleep. 


Oh, to be a cat snoozing by a flower pot. Some kitties love sunspots, but on a hot summer day, Pixel the Bengal would rather opt for the shade. And who can blame her, we're sweating bullets too in this summer heat wave.


Have you ever seen anything so peaceful in your entire life? Doubt it! Because there's nothing more tranquil than a sweet tabby kitten basking in an afternoon glow. There's got to be a Robert Frost poem about that somewhere. 


You'd never guess from the serenity of this photo that Cody got stung by a bee on his paw earlier that day. Take the rest of the day off, Kitty! You've earned your nap. 

Foster Kitty

Who among us hasn't fallen asleep while binge-watching our favorite show? But we probably looked a lot less adorable passed out on the couch. Foster Kitten HQ in Nova Scotia looks like a pretty sweet spot for a foster cat to chillax (especially if they have Netflix). 


Grizzly looks anything but, well, grisly. It's hard to horrify when you're all snuggled up like that. Granted, he is a skate shop cat, so we're at least confident that he shreds hard. We've heard of skateboarding bunnies, but a cat is news to us. He's probably just catching some Zzzs before hitting the ramp again. 


The only thing cuter than a white cat named Tofu is that darling kitty sweater vest. Baby blue is totally his color. Hopefully, his sister Yuzu isn't too jealous of his sick 'fit. I mean seriously, we cannot get enough of these names (or adorable photos).


Ah, yes… the classic china saucer as a pillow self-care hack. It doesn't get much more comfortable than that. Any cat parent knows that they aren't too picky when it comes to sleeping spots, Beckham here included. 


This tired feline is taking 'if I fits I sits' to a whole new level by straight-up napping at a 90-degree angle. He looks pretty comfortable regardless. We wouldn't be surprised if he slept all day long in his little cozy window nook. 


We're gonna go out on a limb here and say Yoda the kitten is way cuter than his namesake. Now if we were named Baby Yoda this would be a whole other debate, but we'll spare you our dissertation. Still, those ears look pretty similar to the Star Wars character. 


Working from home has us feeling the same way, Cabot. It would be nice if we could curl up in a warm blanket right now, but you have fun with that overheating printer. It's all yours, little guy. 


That black cat is knocked out cold, but not too cold. That sunspot still looks nice and toasty from our point of view! Rest up, Meechy. There will be plenty of chances for playtime when you wake up from your restful slumber. 


Even cat explorers like Azul need to take a nap now and again. And what better place to snooze than curled up in your cat parent's arms. I mean, just look at this adorable kitty… that's the face of bliss. 


Reading to help fall asleep is the oldest trick in the book, and Neva here has read it cover to cover. Looks like her favorite book about a fellow cat makes a pretty sweet tent, too. It's pretty clear this Siberian kitty is beauty and brains.