These cats are carrying her legacy in the grouchiest way possible.

Grumpy Cat (aka Tardar Sauce) was an internet sensation for years until her untimely death in 2019. But her grouchy legacy lives on through Instagram posts everywhere with no end in sight. Long-haired cats seem especially partial to grumpy expressions—maybe it's all that fur weighing their face down. Either way, we bet most of these moody felines aren't as angry as they look (or at least we hope they're not).

furry cat with a grumpy expression
Credit: Courtesy of bortolo_theboss / Instagram

If there's one thing we can be certain of, it's that grumpy cats are endlessly adorable. If you're having a bad day yourself, seeing these kitty frowns might just turn your own upside down. Here are some of the sweetest sour puss faces Instagram has to offer. 


This face feels all too familiar. No, we don't mean we recognize Marley, but we know his vibe all too well. That face says time to pour a pot of coffee, plow through the inbox, and hop on another Zoom call. Marley's clearly a hard worker with a bad case of the Mondays, and we can def relate. 


Bortolo can be your angel or your devil, but based on his expression (and that pitchfork in the corner), we're gonna go ahead and guess he'll just be your devil. This is one kitty you don't want to cross on a bad day, though we bet he's secretly a sweetheart. 


Atlas looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders … haha, get it? Just kidding—kitties can't hold much of anything; they'd rather swat at their toys instead. But he does hold the key to our hearts, even if he doesn't look overjoyed to have it. 


Alexis is by far our favorite grouchy old lady. This senior cat is more bark than bite, or whatever that equivalent is for kitties. Animal Haven insists "there's more than meets her stink eye," and we're ready to vouch for her. 


A bad hair day is enough to put anyone in a grouchy mood, and it looks like sweet October is no exception. But it's nothing a good brushing can't fix. Now to get this spooky long-haired kitty to sit still.


Even at the most wonderful time of the year, Eddy has found a way to be a sour puss. This little Scrooge might perk up when he starts his kitty advent calendar. Because what cat can stay upset when he gets a good dose of catnip every day leading up to Christmas?


We don't know why Logan is so grumpy. From the looks of his Instagram, he has a wonderful, adventure-filled life in Norway with his sister, Freya. We're talking forest hikes, lake trips, the works. We're jealous!

Walter Bishop

Some of us love dressing up, but Walter Bishop here doesn't look too keen on that tie. Maybe it's less about the outfit and more about the context. Do cats have to do jury duty? Asking for a friend…


If you can see the blue of her eyes, that means you're too close. This is Adele's warning face. Back away slowly and nobody gets the claws.  


This calico kitty's evil eye has us shook to our core. What is she plotting? Who will her next victim be? How much longer until her world domination? So many questions for Mackenzie, but her kitty lips are sealed. 


Conejo Valley Pet Hospital swears that Mickey is a sweetheart, but we're not taking any chances with that expression on his face. Cats can't do a ton of damage, but psychological fear is a whole other beast. He's playing mind games and we're losing. 

Jungle Cat 

This Savannah cat sure is a beauty. With those spots and stripes, we'd half expect to see her in the jungle instead of that brightly colored kitchen. Maybe she's looking glum because she'd rather be chilling in a jungle tree. 


Isaac is not messing around when he says the pet-friendly couch is his turf. Sure, he probably has a perfectly good cat bed, but nothing beats having a sectional all to yourself. Don't worry, Isaac, we completely understand. 

Grumpy House Cat

Oh, you wanted to sit down on the sofa? That's really too bad given this house cat is standing guard. No one sits down, no one gets up. This is a hostage situation, though we're not too threatened by a kitty captor.