Nothing like a feline feeling fine.
tabby cat curled up in a cardboard box
Credit: Courtesy of pushkinspawprints / Instagram

If you have a cat, odds are you've experienced the classic scenario of buying your furry friend a new cat toy but they only want to play with your Amazon boxes. It's like kids on Christmas morning playing with the wrapping paper, except cats are much more stubborn. 

Boxes are just about the best cat furniture around. Sure, you could drop a ton of cash on a nice cat tree or even install an outdoor catio, but you'll likely have trouble coaxing your kitty out of some cardboard. Cats love boxes because they're perfect for hiding, comfy, and (usually) clean. And we humans like them because they're cheap and keep our kitties occupied for hours. It's really a win-win in both camps if you ask us. Plus, what's cuter than a cat in a box? That's right, nothing. Here are the best pictures on Instagram of cats who can't get enough of their cardboard boxes. 

Plant Kitty

A housecat and a house plant? Collab of the century if you ask us. Plus that lush foliage really brings out the green in her eyes. We don't know this calico kitty's name, but if it were up to us, we'd go for Sage or Rosemary.


Goodnight, sweet prince. Roro looks blissed out in what we can only assume is one of his favorite sleeping spots. You wouldn't think a cardboard corner would be the comfiest pillow, but hey, don't knock it 'til you try it.

Sir Simon

Ooh, big stretch! If you thought royalty makes you too good to sleep in a cardboard box, think again. If it's good enough for Sir Simon, it might even be good enough for William and Kate. While they're at it, they could wear custom necklaces imprinted with their faces to match Sir Simon's cat collar too. 


Watching … waiting … for what? It's anybody's guess. Maybe Nyan is waiting to pounce on an unsuspecting house mouse, or better yet, jump into another cardboard box. She's the master of espionage: We'll never see it coming. 

Milk Tea

"What do you mean it's too small for me? I can sit just fine!" Whoever tears Milk Tea away from her beloved box is on our naughty list. Look at that face! Leave her be. 


Pushkin really pushed herself down into that little packing box. She's too pretty for traditional cat hammocks or any other conventional nap spot anyway. Plus the brown cardboard really makes her blue eyes pop. Stunning, darling!


"But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Goku is the sun." That little cardboard kitty window is giving us major Shakespearean vibes, and Goku is ever our muse. That said, she's only inspiring happy endings. 

Mow Mow

Sure, a sunspot is great. But add a cardboard box to the equation and boom, you're really stirring up some magic. Mow Mow has no need for a heated cat bed; the afternoon sun keeps her plenty warm. 


"Psst … yes, you. Come closer. CLOSER! Can you brings me some tuna and catnip?" Fine, Oscar, we'll bring your treats. But only if you save us a spot in your hideout, or at least let us look inside your cat crib. 


We've seen plenty of cat windows on this list, but it looks like this silver Norwegian kitty has a whole cat door all to herself. It's kind of like the ones on our own front doors, but this one is recyclable! 


"How did you spot me?!" Sorry, Azy, but between your excited chattering and your upright black tail, you aren't the best at hide and seek. Plus, your very favorite napping place isn't the most secretive hiding spot. It was too easy!


"Get outta me room!" Okay, Oliver … first of all, this isn't your room, it's the kitchen we all share. Second, that's a pretty angry yawn. We don't mind if you catch some zzzs, we just hope you wake up in a slightly better mood.


So peaceful, not a care in her little kitty world. They say cats spend 15–20 hours a day resting or sleeping, but we don't mind if Mochi takes the whole day off. We're only a little bit jealous we don't get to laze the day away with her. 


Oh no! Looks like Luna just remembered it's time for her yearly check-up at the vet. Maybe if she stays extra still in her favorite box, her cat mama won't notice she's there. Freeze, Luna! Don't move a muscle.