These hauntingly cute kitties will get you ready for the spookiest night of the year quicker than you can say “trick or treat.”

By Chad Taylor
October 08, 2020
cat in pirate costume
Credit: Jovana Rikalo/Stocksy / Adobe Stock

Halloween is just around the corner, and while for some people that means pumpkin spiced everything and Monster Mash on the radio, around the Daily Paws office that means it’s time for spooky pet photos. And when it comes to pets that get us into the Halloween spirit, nothing can quite compare with the classic black cat. Unless, of course, it’s a cat in costume!

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best cat Halloween costume or just a frightfully cute kitten in a pumpkin, we rounded up the best Halloween kitties on the internet to help you get into a trick or treat frame of mind. Just remember these pet safety tips before the spooky shenanigans begin: keep candy out of reach, costumes comfy, and cats indoors. And have fun!

Ahoy! Trick or treating is all about bringing home the booty for this fluffy feline on @meowmailofficial. The best part of this adorable pirate cat costume is that you can order it for your own sassy Tabby to rock during trick-or-treating. Just good luck getting her to keep it on for more than just the photo op...

We heard you like cat pictures, so how about a picture of a person wearing cat socks with a cat ALSO WEARING CAT SOCKS?? Onyx Prince Arnt is a two-year-old Russian Blue who apparently let's her human put things on her feet. (Warning: Don't try this at home unless you plan to carry your kitty everywhere.)

Darth Kitty finds your lack of faith in the Force disturbing. We doubt this amazing Darth Vader helmet stayed on for long, but it sure made for an amazing photo op from @cat.ified.

Is it just us, or do Sphynx cats have kind of a spooky vibe to them all the time? Thanks to @Catsofhalloween, we can enjoy Sméagol’s ability to get into the mood and break out the Halloween decorations. 

You can't have Halloween without black cats! Raven enjoys her status as the official Halloween Queen of Instagram, and clearly knows that a good spooky cat photo is about more than skeletons and haunting angles—it’s those glowing orange eyes that perfectly match the pumpkin!

Flodder is a British longhair using the Halloween season to pick up a few extra bucks as an Uber driver for skeletons, and we’re here for it. Between rides, this floofy boy plays second fiddle to his big brother Vos on Instagram, but that's OK with us (just prepare for some serious cuteness overload).

Between the lil’ Devil costume and the Harry Potter glasses, there’s a lot going on here. Luckily, it’s all very small and very cute. Or else this fellow probably wouldn’t have been featured on the aptly named @cute_small_things_au

King Curtis is not just the ruler of this “cat in a pumpkin patch” photoshoot, he’s also the king of our hearts. That fluffy fur! That tongue! These autumn vibes are the perfect way for a Siberian cat to celebrate the start of pumpkin spice season and all things fall. 

We’d like to present a poem of appreciation for the adorable black cats from @blackcattrails:

Spider Cat, Spider Cat

Does things that a spider can’t.

Sit on log

Very nice.

Web not good for

Catching mice.

Look out!

Here comes a Spider Cat.

Chloe remembers friends of years past with her Day of the Dead costume. Chloe and her adopted brother Bronte live in Australia and make it easy to get into the Halloween mood any time of year at @bronte_and_chloe.

Alright, maybe she’s not dressing up for Halloween in this snapshot, but @sophie_the_model understands that social distancing is no excuse not to look your best! Despite being caught with her curlers in here, this hilarious black cat spends most of her days entertaining her followers. We expect no less for Halloween and all holidays, TBH.

When you’re a regular cat, you dress up like a bat for halloween. When you’re a VAMPIRE cat, you dress up in business casual. Mamba, AKA @originalvampirecat on Instagram, is this little Nosferpawtu’s name and making vampires cute again is his game.

Princess Monster Truck has a face that only a mother could love. But she enjoys the Halloween season as much as anyone! Her underbite may be a common issue for Persian cats, but this rescued, former New York City street kitty is 100% unique. This sassy ball of fluff has amassed nearly 300,000 followers who would wholeheartedly agree!