One of the more adorable applications of ‘if I fits, I sits.’
grey tabby cat curled up in blue plastic basket
Credit: Courtesy of neko_cianna / Instagram

There are plenty of places for a cat to park their furry bodies for the day: a hammock, a cat tree, a nice sunspot. But when it comes to the cuteness factor, baskets take the cake. Cats and baskets go together like peanut butter and jelly. They have all the perks of a cardboard box (clean, contained, comfy) but look way aesthetically in your home. 

But baskets aren't just for cats' enjoyment. Us humans love to watch them snuggle up and snooze the day away in their little wicker beds. That's why we've compiled a list of 14 adorable Instagram cats who look absolutely precious in a nice basket. What are you waiting for… scroll down already!


Brrr! Taika's snowy coat matches the gorgeous Finnish view. Does a sunspot still count if it's in the middle of a frozen lake? Hopefully her adorable basket provides additional insulation. 

Best Buds

"Quit hogging the basket!" This orange kitty is pretty liberal with his basket space use, even if it's at the expense of his fellow feline. Maybe they can take turns? Doubt it, we all know cats tend to be every kitty for themselves. 


"You dare disturb my presence!" Dexter may look like a grumpy cat, but we're placing bets that he's secretly a sweetheart and loves us as much as we love him. Still, a basket could make a pretty sweet evil lair. 


Popolino is all of us right now counting down the days until Christmas. Three more months?! You've got to be kidding me. Still, that red and green basket can help keep the festivities alive until December rolls around.

Percy and Jefferson

Jefferson napping gives Percy extra time to ponder all of life's big questions, and apparently gives him enough spare time to even think up a new poem or two. Nothing like a comfy sitting spot to do all your toughest thinking, Percy! 


Oh, to be a cat sleeping in a tower basket. It truly looks like one of life's simple pleasures, and this fine fluffy feline isn't waking up anytime soon. He's probably dreaming of an even bigger basket for the ultimate napping experience where he can stretch those adorable little toe beans out even further. 


When mom tries to ruin your favorite napping spot by filling it with dirty laundry... the audacity! She's probably trying to wash all the cat hair out of the linens. Regardless, laundry baskets are Neko's turf and should be treated as such.


POV: You're Charlie's favorite cat toy and you're left out in the rain. Don't worry, Charlie would never leave you behind. This tabby cat may hate water, but knows he'll be reunited with his fave kitty toy at last once the storm passes. 


We don't know what's more adorable, Finneas's big blue eyes or the fact he matches perfectly with that soft basket. Wait a second, is that a matching cream blanket underneath him? Now that's coordination. 

Mia & Reign

Mia is not amused this morning. All she wants is to curl up in her little cat basket and sleep the day away. And we can't blame her, it looks like she has a pretty cozy set up. We almost didn't notice Reign right behind her. Brothers can double as pillows, right?


Talk about a pur-fect fit. Sleepy little max fills out his cat basket bed like it was made for him. Heck, maybe it was! We're a sucker for crochet anyway.


Merlin is taking "if I fits, I sits" to a whole new level in his mini laundry basket. It looks just fine for sitting, but we wonder how he'll manage to lay down in it. Still, he is named after a wizard, so maybe Merlin can work his magic. 


We wonder what little Louis could have done to be put in cat jail. Maybe he was caught swiping food off the counter or knocking over a vase. Either way, we doubt his time out will last too long, he's too cute to stay locked up forever. 


Bibi may be an office cat, but something tells us she's not getting much work done. But if our desk was a wicker basket we probably wouldn't be too productive either. You're doing great, Bibi—you deserve to take the afternoon off.