It's fall, y'all! And what's cuter than a kitty with a pumpkin? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

There's just something in cat's DNA that makes them want to stuff themselves into strange spaces—your empty Amazon boxes, laundry baskets, bowls, and yes—even pumpkins. Now whether these adorable cats in pumpkins ventured into the jack-o'-lanterns themselves or their paw-rents placed them there strategically for an Instagram photo, we'll let you decide.

photo of a cute kitten sitting in a pumpkin candy bucket
Credit: Desiree Doyle / EyeEm / Getty

Know a cat who loves to pose for photos? Send us snaps of your favorite cat in a pumpkin (or next to a pumpkin, at the pumpkin patch, in their Halloween costume ... you get the point) via Instagram using #DailyPawsPets to be featured.


Black cats everywhere, rejoice! It's finally your spooky month to shine. If you're like Ledges, no need to grab a costume—just find the nearest pumpkin and hop right in.


Gipsy is a green-eyed bengal cat from Milan, Italy. And he embodies exactly how we feel about fall in one sweet, sweet photo. 'Tis the season for crunchy leaves, hayrides, and pumpkin-scented everything!


Frankie the blue-spotted tabby Siberian looks like he was born to model alongside a pumpkin carving extravaganza. The paw placement, the eye contact—this gorgeous ball of fluff is totally ready for his close-up.


If Charcoal pawed at our door and meowed "Trick or treat," we would give him ALL our treats. No costume necessary, and no questions asked.


Self-described as "purr evil," Ghost AKA the Demon Cat is an exotic shorthair from Topeka, Kansas. Something tells us that he celebrates spooky szn all year long.


Strudel the Maine coon loves to share fall photos with her friends—especially when they include pumpkins. We're on the edge of our seats wondering what she'll be for Halloween!


"Are your pawrents also doing weird things and carving fruit just for the fun of it?" - Ginny and her twin sister, Charlie. I mean, they're not wrong.


We can't forget about our hairless friends! Finley the sphynx took to Instagram to show off his bewitching bowtie. Doesn't he look like the paw-fect side kick for a character like Cruella or Maleficent?

Rocky and Ralfie

Can it get any cuter than baby tiger twins? Yes: just add pumpkins. We wonder if their personalities match the jack-o'-lanterns.

Tiger Jojo

Take your four-legged-friend with you to the pumpkin patch with a kitty harness—it'll allow your cat to enjoy the sights and smells of the great outdoors (like Jojo here) without worrying about them running off.


Tulsi the Persian cat looks oh-so-picturesque seated on this oversized pumpkin. She's doing the meowst for the photographer and we are so here for it.


Rembrandt, or Remi for short, calls herself a paw-rtist, and it's obvious why. Just look at her personalized "Remi" pumpkin carving. Such talent!


Joy is a Scottish Fold Blue Point kitten who, by the looks of it, will be up all Hallow's Eve listening for ghosts and goblins. Scaredy-cats unite!


You have got to be kitten me—Uno takes the cake (candy?) for cutest pumpkin photo. No tricks here, only treats for this sweet little kitty in a pumpkin.