These kitties are all about the holiday season.

One holiday tradition that never gets old is when it comes time to set up the nativity scene. No matter how big or small, nativity scenes are that extra special Christmas touch that brings all the decorations together.

cat in nativity scene
Credit: Sere Dipity / Adobe Stock

But let's be honest. Nothing is funnier than when cats crash a perfectly constructed nativity scene. Here are our favorite pictures of cats making themselves part of the Christmas decor.

A Fourth Wise Man

Hi there. I'm one of four siblings ... and apparently one of four wise men. A big responsibility.

Stairway to Heaven ... Literally

I am the best nativity security around. Ask anybody.

Someone Knows They're in Trouble

Look at that. It seems I've ended up somewhere I'm not supposed to be. How'd that happen?

No Room for Me

Mom, can we scooch this over a bit? It's cutting me out of the frame. Thanks.

Blocking the Shot

What is this phrase, "Get out of the way"? I do not compute.

O Holy Light

Isn't my halo stunning? I am angel cat.

Time for Bed

I bring Baby Jesus the gift of naptime. For myself. It's my naptime.

Christmas Tree Farm

Hello, everyone. Welcome to my Christmas tree farm. Let me know if you need any help, I'll just be lounging over here.

White Christmas, Black Cat

Who said I was getting you any presents? I am the gift that keeps on giving.