Can cats feel shame? Maybe not. But these ones sure look like it.
wet cat with suds
Credit: DebbiSmirnoff / Getty

To live with cats is to love them. However, even the most well-behaved feline will find ways to try our patience. But the hilarious upside to the occasional mishap is that it so often goes against the typically too cool demeanor of felines. 

“My cat is so chill,” you say, “how could they be responsible for such a mess?!” The result of such unexpected outrage is obvious—photographic proof that their prankster ways have been caught on camera to share with the internet. This is more for entertainment than true retaliation, of course. We love our feline friends and our sharing of these hilarious cat shaming photos (and a few funny cat videos for good measure) is simply meant to show off their shameless hijinx along with healthy dose of cuteness, of course. 

Read on to see how pet parents from all over the farthest reaches of social media caught their kitties in some of the most delightfully compromising situations.

We get it. Quarantine has us all needing a little extra attention as we practice social distancing. But why is it that every time we try to get some work done, our pets seem to have other plans?  

For some of us, working from home has meant plenty of perks and more snuggle time with our favorite furry friends. And for others, well...not so much. Just ask Taco the Moustache Cat, who either has a very strange way of showing off, or a complete lack of awareness around his roommates.

Speaking of going stir-crazy while we're stuck in the house, we're tempted to do a wellness check on this little creepy-crawler. On the one paw, we're super impressed with his Spiderman-like skills. On the other, we're terrified and wondering if he's trapped in the Upside Down dimension from Stranger Things.

It’s a long-running joke that cats can seem like little sociopaths, and this little tabby doesn’t do anything to help that reputation as she terrorizes a curious bulldog.

Cats, as we all know, LOVE a good box. So much so, that they don’t always look before they leap. Sometimes, that can lead to your new purchase getting kitty-crushed. But more usually, it can lead to hilarious run-ins between cats, a little static electricity, and packing peanuts.  

We’d like to think the cat was just trying to help out around the yard. But there’s something about the methodological destruction of this garden that makes us think Pickle had something more sinister up his sleeve when he chewed every last beanstalk.

Things that get cats attention: anything that moves quickly, especially if it’s in the corners of their vision. Honestly, it wasn’t the kitties’ fault the tree came down. We blame the mouse! (There was a mouse...right, guys?) 😬

Cats love a good climb (that’s why cat trees are such a huge hit!) And they love cozy, tight spaces, and they enjoy dark spots. Your closet puts all of those things together, even if there is a certain amount of risk/reward involved.

Most cats are not fans of water. This can make bath times painful experiences for everyone. But some cats on the other hand…well, apparently they like to take their toys for a swim.

As we mentioned before, cats love a nice cozy hiding spot. Often, that leads to a comfortable little cat nap. But when you’re an adventurer, always on the hunt for new, undiscovered places to sleep, that can lead to the occasional wrong turn. This cat clearly isn’t interested in assigning blame, or trying to talk about who did what wrong here, he’s just willing to admit that mistakes were made, and would appreciate it if you helped him out and we all moved on with our lives.

Fun fact: cats are all aware of The Lion King. They’ve seen it, they know what you’re trying to do here, and they really don’t appreciate it.

Some cats like to be fed on a schedule, while others are more than happy to free feed throughout the day. The Cat Shaming UK Facebook group would just like you to be aware, however, that if your cat is one of the latter group, they might eventually decide that your automatic cat feeder isn’t doing the job fast enough.

Look, we get it. Not every cat will be a world class hunter or a more-than-welcome pet sibling to other animals in the house. But these kitties have gone entirely too far with their unsavory reputations.

Honestly, if Moomy the cat wants to snack on some grass this badly…maybe it’s time her human tried making her a tasty patch of indoor lawn to chomp on safely!