What Can Cats Eat

Can cats eat cheese? What about bananas? There are a lot of foods that can be really harmful for a cat, and some of them may surprise you. Find out what foods cats can and definitely cannot eat straight from pet experts.

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Can Cats Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli may seem like an unlikely snack for most cats, but there are some sneaky benefits to be had for any kitty brave enough to take a taste.

Is Ham Bad for Cats?

A small piece or two of ham might be OK for a cat once in a while... but some cats should steer clear.

Can Cats Eat Corn?

While corn is often used as a filler ingredient in commercially available cat foods, should you consider kernels from the cob part of your cat’s regular diet?

Should You Let Your Kitty Gobble on Turkey?

There’s no doubt your meat-loving feline will want some of that juicy bird, but is it okay for her to have some? A vet expert weighs in.

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We love to treat our feline friends, sometimes even with scraps of what we eat (oops). But can cats eat potatoes safely? Here’s what to know before they take a bite.

Is Bread Tasty or Toxic for Cats?

While bread can be a safe treat to share with your cat, it’s important to know the proper portion size to give, toxic ingredients to avoid, and how this food might fit in with your cat’s general nutrition plan.

Can Cats Eat Apples? How to Feed the Fruit to Your Cat Safely

Can cats eat apples? What about applesauce? Find out if an apple is a healthy snack for your cat to eat, and how to feed cats apples safely since some parts are toxic.