Cat Nutrition & Diet

While chubby kitties are cute, being overweight can damage their health. This cat nutrition and diet advice from expert pet specialists will help you battle the bulge and manage your cat's weight in a healthier way.

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Can Cats Eat Broccoli?

Broccoli may seem like an unlikely snack for most cats, but there are some sneaky benefits to be had for any kitty brave enough to take a taste.

Top Food Choices to Help Cats Lose Weight

The best cat weight loss programs mix a veterinarian's advice with portion control and maybe even a new, special diet.

Is Ham Bad for Cats?

A small piece or two of ham might be OK for a cat once in a while... but some cats should steer clear.

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While corn is often used as a filler ingredient in commercially available cat foods, should you consider kernels from the cob part of your cat’s regular diet?

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Kitten Feeding Schedule: From Newborn to One Year

This chart shows you when, what, and how much to feed your fluffy bundle of joy.