Cat Grooming

Proper cat grooming keeps Fluffy looking more on the silky side instead of the shaggy side. Learn how to brush, bathe, and care for your pretty kitty's appearance at home with these cat grooming tips and tutorials.

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Why Are Cats' Tongues Rough?
Move over pocket knives—cat tongues are the ultimate multitools. Learn how their teeny hollow spines help groom, cool, and nourish our feline friends.
How to Clean Your Cat's Ears if They're Getting Gunky
Learn how to tell if your cat's ears could use a wash, and get a pro's tips on how to do it with the least amount of stress—for you and your kitty.
What to Know About Anal Gland Problems in Cats
Does your cat have a smelly bottom? Is she scooting across the rug? It could be an anal gland problem. Find out what causes this stinky situation and how it’s treated. 
What to Do If Your Cat Is Getting Hairballs
Cat hairballs are common but can sometimes become an emergency. Learn what causes them, what you can do at home, and when to talk to your vet.
Why Cats Shed & What You Can Do to Manage the Mess
Tired of finding cat hair all over your house? Well, while there's not a way to prevent your cat from shedding, consistent grooming and dietary changes can help cut down on the time you spend sweeping up hair.

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Want to Declaw Your Cat? Think Again, Vets & Advocates Say
Your cat probably likes to scratch, but experts are asking owners to skip declawing procedures and consider options that are less harmful.
How to Trim Your Cat’s Nails at Home
Protect your cat's health and the well-being of nearby humans—not to mention furniture—by keeping those claws neatly trimmed.
How to Control Cat Dandruff & Why They Get It in the First Place

If your cat has flaky skin, it’s probably dandruff. Cat dandruff is especially common in overweight and older cats. Learn what causes it and easy remedies you can try at home to help.