There’s more to these long-haired cat breeds than a luscious coat. Playful or cuddly, curly or wispy, here's a list of glamorous long-haired felines that offers something for everyone.

Who doesn't love a cat with silky, luscious fur? When that fur is extra-long, there's even more to love. While many breeds have both long-hair and short-hair versions, the cats with an abundance of fur hold special appeal for their glamor and distinctive looks.

If your knowledge of long-haired cats begins and ends with "Persian," you'll be surprised at this long list of gorgeous felines who offer a variety of personality characteristics along with their luscious long fur. Keep reading to learn more about the most common long-haired cat breeds and what makes each one extra special.

American Bobtail

American Bobtail cat sitting outdoors
Often described as "dog-like," American bobtails need lots of mental stimulation and one-on-one time with their favorite human.
| Credit: Mary McDonald / Shutterstock

Like their name suggests, American bobtails are known for their bobbed tails and longer hair. They can be playful, energetic cats, and can form strong bonds with people. 


Birman cat
Credit: Francesco Vaninetti Photo / Getty

This highly social and playful cat has a beautiful medium-length, silky coat that doesn't mat. Birmans are medium to large in size, and come in a variety of colors—often with vibrant blue, expressive eyes. 


himalayan cat walking in the grass
Himalayan cats have the long fur and flat faces of Persians, and the colorpoint pattern and bright blue eyes of the Siamese. They're also sometimes called "colorpoint Persians."
| Credit: Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty

This sweet, affectionate, and mild-tempered cat breed enjoys calm and quiet environments. The Himalayan tends to have a lighter color body with a darker face and tail fur. They resemble Persian cats, with a large, round head, short ears, and a short nose. Fun fact: Their eyes can only be blue!

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Cat
Credit: Vagengeym_Elena / Getty

This playful, highly social, yet slightly mischievous cat breed enjoys playing fetch (sound familiar, dog lovers?) and lives an average of 15 to 18 years. Japanese bobtails are medium-sized, rarely weighing more than 10 pounds, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They are one of the oldest cat breeds around and are believed to bring good luck and prosperity.


LaPerm Cat
If there's one thing your LaPerm cat loves (aside from you, of course), it's playing and climbing.
| Credit: kimberrywood / Getty

Much like their name suggests, LaPerms are known for their curly coats, which can come in either long or short lengths, varying from long waves to short and tight curls. These cats love attention and are very close to their owners. They enjoy being close to humans, and owners often find them snuggled up in a lap.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat
Credit: Alexandra Jursova / Getty

Maine coon cats are the largest domestic cat breed there is, and they're known for their long, shaggy fur and bushy tails. These sweet, social kitties are most commonly found in brown and orange tabby colors, with vibrant eyes that range from blue to green and gold.


Manx Cat
Credit: cgbaldauf / Getty

This medium to large cat can be found with either long or short hair, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Manx most notable physical characteristic is their lack of a tail. They are very smart, often picking up on tricks and playing fetch—and they enjoy following their humans around the house as much as snuggling up next to you on the sofa. These cats require a lot of attention, and shouldn't be left alone for long periods at a time.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
All that floof comes with a lot of responsibility! Norwegian forest cats need to be brushed multiple times a week so their long fur stays tangle-free.
| Credit: Anna Pozzi / Getty

These gentle giants can weigh up to 16 pounds, and enjoy jumping around and exploring your home. Norwegian forest cats are usually very friendly and social with their owners, but less so with guests. These cats don't necessarily need a ton of attention, as they're content to entertain themselves and simply be in the same room as their owners and other cats and dogs.


Persian Cat
Persians are known for their sweet demeanor, making them a great family cat who does well with kiddos and other four-legged members of the house.
| Credit: João Pedro Neves / Getty

These long-haired cats are known for having a round face and a short muzzle. They're usually friendly, and enjoy sunbathing throughout the day. Male Persians can weigh 12 pounds or more, while females generally weigh between 8 and 12 pounds—and they come in many colors.


Pixiebob Cat
Credit: lynxlegend / Adobe Stock

These brown spotted tabby cats have an ideal friendly personality that makes them a great housecat. Pixie-Bobs are active and intelligent, and make great companions for adults and children alike. You can find them with both long and short hair, and the males can get quite large—weighing up to 17 pounds!


Ragamuffin Cat
Credit: sergeyskleznev / Getty

Ragamuffin cats are beautiful, extra-large cats that can weigh up to 20 pounds—but they're gentle giants, with loving, sweet personalities who bask in attention. They typically get along with other cats, as well as dogs, and have calm temperaments that make them great as family pets. You can find ragamuffin cats in several colors, ranging from white and black to chocolate and cinnamon, with a variety of patterns. 


Ragdoll Cat
Credit: Luxurious Ragdoll / Shutterstock

This medium cat tends to have medium-length, silky fur, and is usually found in lighter colors and shadings. Ragdoll cats are affectionate, smart, and playful, and enjoy cuddling in laps and snuggling in bed. They're often comfortable being picked up and held—they get their names from how frequently they simply collapse in the arms of whoever is holding them. This trait along with their lovable personalities make them great pets for families with kids!

Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold/Highland Fold Cat
Credit: EndTimeImages / Getty

Scottish folds are incredibly smart and enjoy playing with challenging toys that involve figuring out a certain task. They prefer hanging out with humans, so they shouldn't be left alone for too long. These cute cats have medium to long hair, and come in a variety of colors, including white, black, red, and cream—and they get their name from their signature folded ears.

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex Cat
Selkirk rex cats can come in all types of colors, from white and cream to black.
| Credit: Antonio Gravante / Getty

Selkirk Rex cats can have both straight and curly hair, and can be found as either longhair and shorthair cats. They're known for having a dense body and for being a friendly, people-oriented cat breed. These cute cats often get along well with other cats and dogs and can adapt to most living situations.


Siberian Cat
Credit: Алексей Филатов / Getty

Siberian cats tend to have semi-long hair and weigh between 8 and 17 pounds. They're friendly and very affectionate, and will likely follow you around the house, climbing into your lap when you settle into a chair. This active breed enjoys playing fetch and learning tricks and climbing to a high point in any room for a good perch.

Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora Cat
Loving and friendly cats, Turkish Angoras do well with all kinds of families. But they do tend to form especially tight bonds with one favorite human.
| Credit: mila103 / Adobe Stock

This medium and large cat breed was domesticated as early as the 17th century in the Ankara region or Turkey. Their long fur coat requires a fair amount of grooming, and they do shed a good amount. Turkish Angoras are playful, affectionate, and loyal cats.

Turkish Van

Turkish Van Cat
Credit: Evgenii Leontev / Getty

This beautiful cat is well-known for having a lovely white body and darker markings on its head and plumed tail. Turkish vans are very sweet and affectionate, curious to see what their humans are up to, and ready to snuggle into your lap for a cat nap. You can find Turkish vans in several colors, ranging from red and cream to black blue, and a patchwork combination of several colors.

How to Care for Long-Haired Cats

With their lovely, thick manes, these cats may need some additional maintenance when it comes to grooming. There are a few grooming techniques in particular that can help keep your kitty's coat extra healthy and shiny.


Every type of cat benefits from regular brushing, but this activity is especially essential for long-haired cats. You should brush your cat daily to prevent mats, reduce cat dander and hair floating around in your house, and decrease your cat's likelihood to develop frequent hairballs.


Prevention is key when it comes to mats, but if you find that your cat's fur has developed some matting, you can try to remove it yourself using a dematting tool. The ASPCA also recommends sprinkling talcum powder over knots and using your fingers to tease them apart. If the matting is severe, your best bet is to take your cat to a professional groomer or veterinarian for removal. Though long-haired cats are more prone to mats, to prevent them in the first place, make sure to brush your cat regulary and run your fingers through their fur check for tangles.


Cats typically groom themselves, so it's not very often that you'll need to bathe your cat. However, if your cat gets into something particularly messy or toxic (think paint or antifreeze), you'll want to wash it off quickly before your cat can ingest it. Long-haired breeds in particular can also benefit from receiving a bath once every few months to prevent matting.