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Khao Manee (Khao Plort)

Khao Manee cats, also known as Khao Plort cats, are playful. They have pure white coats and jewel-tone eyes, and these rare kitties are said to bring good luck to owners. Learn more about living with a Khao Manee cat.
Khao Manee
Coat Length
Other Traits
Khao Manee
  • 10-12 inches
  • 8-10 pounds
life span
  • 10-12 years.
good with
  • children
  • seniors
  • dogs
  • cats
  • families
  • sociable
  • affectionate
  • bold
  • high
shedding amount
  • normal
  • high
activity level
  • active
  • howler
coat length
  • short
  • white
  • solid
other traits
  • easy to train
  • easy to groom
  • friendly toward humans
  • friendly toward other pets
  • friendly toward strangers
  • good for first-time pet owners
  • strong loyalty tendencies
  • tolerates being picked up

Khao Manee (pronounced "cow-muh-nee")—also known as White Gem, Khao Plort, and Diamond Eye cats—hail from Thailand, where they're considered an ancient breed and harbingers of good luck. These cats are known for their snow-colored coats, jewel-tone eyes, and athletic bodies.

These lucky charms are outgoing, playful pets who are totally dedicated to their humans. These cats thrive on attention, and they usually get a ton of it thanks to their striking appearance and social nature. Khao Manees make loving family pets and great companions for children.

Khao Manees are rare and considered a newer breed outside of Thailand. Because of their rareness and the cost of importing, a Khao Manee kitten from a reputable breeder can set you back somewhere between $7,000–$11,000.


Those looking to identify the Khao Manee should know the breed's most apparent defining feature is their short, smooth, pure white coat. Their big, vibrant eyes can be any shade of blue, green, or gold, though the most prized Khao Manee eye color is odd-eyed—meaning one blue and one green, or one blue and one gold. Their almond-shaped eyes are bright and expressive with a slight upward slant.

white Khao Manee looking up at the camera with one blue eye and one gold eye
Khao Manee cats are known for their bright, jewel-like eyes. The most sought-after are odd-eyed cats, meaning they have two different-colored eyes.
| Credit: gopfaster / Getty

Khao Manees have long, lithe bodies with a muscular, athletic build. This breed usually weighs between 8–10 pounds and is graceful in appearance, with long legs and oval paws. These cute white cats have large ears that point away from each other and medium-length tails.


If their striking appearance doesn't draw enough attention, the Khao Manee's playful personality certainly will. The Khao Manee is an incredibly social cat and loves to be in the center of the action. This breed is curious, intelligent, and a little mischievous. They're inquisitive creatures who love to inspect every inch of their space and scale the furniture to find the best view.

These energetic cats love interactive play and quickly bond with children and other playful pets. Be ready to play several rounds of fetch with this breed, because they love playing and interacting with their pet parents. One-on-one family time is very important to the Khao Manee.

Khao Manees are known for being extremely talkative, so you can expect frequent conversations with this chatty companion. They're not shy around strangers and usually feel comfortable approaching guests and new faces. This bold, aristocratic breed is confident, friendly, and incredibly loyal to their family.

Living Needs

Human affection is very important to your little Khao Manee. Because she needs so much attention, it's important to never leave her alone for too long. When left to her own devices, this kitty can get lonely and feel neglected. A family with lots of time and attention to give is the best fit for this super social cat.

Speaking of social, don't worry too much if you frequently host or have a rotating door of visitors. Khao Manees just want you at home, and they don't really care who you bring along. She's pleased to engage with new visitors, as long as they're willing to provide her with some of the attention she craves so much.

white Khao Manee laying on the floor with one blue eye and one gold eye
These white kitties are social butterflies and make great companions for other pets and kiddos.
| Credit: gopfaster / Shutterstock

Kids and other pets will be welcome playmates to your pet Khao Manee. They don't mind sharing the spotlight with the ones they love, and they will quickly form a bond with everyone in the family. Because this breed is so curious and friendly, you'll need to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't run off through an open door or window to explore the world.

That said, early socialization is the key to making your Khao Manee kitten feel at home. When this breed is introduced to children and other pets early, they generally get along well and form close bonds with their new playmates.

"Although they are a typically social and dependent breed, they aren't always the best around children if not socialized properly," says Kurt Venator, DVM, Ph.D., and Chief Veterinary Officer at Purina.


The Khao Manee has a short coat that's relatively easy to care for. Weekly brushing is recommended to help rid them of loose hairs, but otherwise they do a lot of the grooming work themselves. Make sure to regularly trim your Khao Manee cat's nails and clean her ears.

white Khao Manee outdoors, having one blue eye and one gold eye
Khao Manees are active, playful, and smart cats. They can pick up training cues quickly and learn to walk on a harness.
| Credit: naenaejung / Adobe Stock

Khao Manees are very active, so you won't need to do much at all to motivate them to get exercise. One way you can help keep your Khao Manee moving is to provide her with plenty of space to run and play, interactive toys, and a cat tree to climb.

These intelligent animals are fairly easy to train. Mastering the basics of scratching post and litter box training is usually a quick task for the Khao Manee. This playful breed is always willing to learn some interactive games, like fetch.

Your Khao Manee should be fed a diet of high-quality cat food recommended by your vet. 


Khao Manees are a healthy breed with an expected lifespan of 10–12 years. Because they're a natural breed, they are typically less prone to genetic issues. 

One health concern for these cats is deafness. All-white animals are actually more prone to deafness due to a gene that links both pure white fur and problems with the ear. It's not clear how much it specifically affects the Khao Manee breed, but cat clubs do recommend testing kittens for deafness.

"There is an established link between the white color, blue eyes, and deafness," Venator says. "Not all blue-eyed whites will be deaf, but it is a possibility."

Close up of a white Khao Manee cat with one blue eye and on yellow-green eye
Though they're rare outside of Thailand, Khao Manees are thought to be good luck charms for their humans.
| Credit: Naenaejung / Getty

Responsible Khao Manee breeders will test kittens for health issues, but it's important to keep regularly scheduled vet appointments and take the advice of your cat's veterinarian. Diseases and other health problems can develop later in life and should be routinely monitored.


The Khao Manee is an ancient, naturally occurring breed from Thailand. One of their earliest written references is in a 14th-century book of poetry about cats, known as the Tamra Maew, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association. These bright-eyed cats were prized by the aristocrats of Thai society and were considered sacred and kept by the ruling class for centuries.

This breed wasn't introduced to the United States until 1999, and the cats made their way to the U.K. in 2009. The breed is slowly gaining popularity but remains very rare.

Fun Facts

  • Some consider the Khao Manee to be lucky. Thai legend says those who own them will be receivers of good fortune.
  • The name Khao Manee means "white gem". This breed has also been referred to as Khao Plort and Diamond Eye cats.
  • With prices near $11,000, the Khao Manee is one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world.