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Every cat breed has its own unique temperament, strengths, quirks, and fun facts. Browse through our library of adorable photos and cat breed information to help you find the purr-fect kitty for you and your family.
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Popular Cat Breeds

Bengal cats are an intelligent and active breed prized for their boldly patterned coats. Descended from domestic cats and wild Asian leopard cats, they make affectionate and gentle pets.
Scottish Fold (Highland Fold)
Scottish fold cats make great, affectionate pets that thrive on human interaction without being too demanding for your constant attention. They have a charmingly unique appearance due to their ear carriage, round heads and eyes, and thick legs and tail. Learn more about Scottish folds to see if one is right for you.
British Shorthair
British shorthair cats are one of the oldest recognized cat breeds, first thought to have been brought to Britain by the Romans. Prized for their soft, plush coats and rounded bodies, British shorthairs could almost be mistaken for living teddy bears.
Savannah Cat
Savannah cats are a large, athletic breed that’s especially affectionate with their owners, but can be a bit standoffish with strangers. Learn more about this highly intelligent cat.
Sweet tempered and loving, Persian cats are famous for their long, flowing coats and round, pansy-like faces. Find out everything you need to know about the Persian cat breed.
Siamese cats are social, affectionate, clever animals who make loving and loyal pets. Described as being "dog-like," these kitties mesh well into most families.

More Cat Breeds

Oriental Shorthair
Oriental shorthairs are friendly, intelligent, and inquisitive cats that love being around people and fellow furry friends. Learn more about living with this eye-catching breed.
17 Long-Haired Cat Breeds to Swoon Over
There’s more to these long-haired cat breeds than a luscious coat. Playful or cuddly, curly or wispy, here's a list of glamorous long-haired felines that offers something for everyone.


Regal in bearing and possessing a stunning, shimmering blue coat, the Korat is a gorgeous, affectionate “good luck cat” for most households.