Common Cat Behaviors

When there are so many other convenient places, why is my work laptop the cat nap location of choice? Or, why does my cat ignore me when all I've asked for in life is a floof to love? If you find yourself asking these and other questions about the weird things cats do, you're in luck! Read all about common cat behaviors and what they mean.

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Why Do Cats Like to Knock Things Over?

A cup, a picture frame, or a succulent, if it’s in the right spot your cat might decide to knock it over or push it off a ledge. Cats do all sorts of silly things and this particular behavior might just be one the most entertaining … for them.

Do Cats Dream? Definitely Probably, Say Veterinarians

Do cats dream of catching prey and eating food? Do they have nightmares of being frightened by a bigger animal? Do they dream of their owners? Feline-loving veterinarians share their thoughts on what felines might be imagining when they're lying there, twitching and wiggling with their eyes closed.

Why Do Cats Make Noises, and What Do They Mean?

Cats make a range of noises, from chirping to trilling and purring, that indicate a variety of moods and emotions. Here’s more about the sounds your cat makes and how to translate them.

More Common Cat Behaviors

Should You Leave the TV or Radio on for Your Pets?

When you leave the house, you might be tempted to turn on the radio or TV to keep your furry friend company. But does this really do anything?

Here's What a Hissing Cat Is Trying to Tell You

Here are the reasons why cats, from the friendly ones to brand new kittens, make that hissing sound.