Adorable Kitties Blink and Carmelita Show Us Their 5 Favorite Ways to Bond With Humans

New city kitties Blink and Carmelita can’t get enough of their humans—and not just because of the snuggles and treats.

Blink and Carmelita made the transition from farm felines to city cats when they left their rural farm in Pennsylvania and moved into their new home in Brooklyn with human parents, Emily and Jillian. Moving with cats can be stressful—for both animal and human—so these two made it a priority to help their fur babies get acquainted with their new space and give their routine a boost with some extra one-on-one time together. These bonding activities helped the cats feel more comfortable in their new home, and build stronger relationships with their humans along the way. Whether you're getting your kitty acquainted with their new home, or just looking for ways to connect with your cat, read on for Jillian and Emily's five tried and true cat-human bonding tactics.

Picture of two cats laying next to each other, one striped and one chocolate
Courtesy of Jillian Ternosky

Tip 1: Cuddle Time

These two humans say they love to sleep almost as much as cats do—and relaxing on the couch for a doze with their favorite felines is one off their favorite things to do!

Tip 2: Channel Nature

Cats might not be the world's best swimmers, but many felines head to the sink or tub for a drink from the faucet. It's a behavior that may be based in their natural instincts: out in the wild, cats may be wary of standing water for safety issues, like lurking predators or parasites. If your cat seems curious about the tub (or sink), try turning the faucet onto a tiny drizzle, and see if they lap some H2O up!

Tip 3: Plenty of Pets

Every cat is different, and they might love being petted in different places. Carm loves a good butt scratch, and Blink loves to rub his head all over your hand for a good cranial scratch. Figure out what type of petting your cat responds to best, and give them all the good scratches!

Tip 4: Treats, Treats, Treats

Giving your cat some yummy treats is a surefire way to show them that you love them. It might be bribery, but it works!

Tip 5: Feline Fashion

Blink and Carm love wearing their tie-dye bandanas everywhere--whether they're getting ready for a sunbathing snooze or are ready to play with their favorite toys. They walk around with confidence, and the bandanas help them feel extra cozy!

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