Cat Psychology

Unfortunately, as much as we wish it was possible, we pet lovers can't speak cat (though some of us unashamedly meow with all our might in private...just in case). That's why we asked the experts to give us some insight into common questions on cat psychology and how felines think to help us unravel the ball of yarn that is our cat's brain.

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Although they can’t tell us for sure, cats likely use their senses and associative memories to recall our interactions with them.
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Having an affectionate cat has less to do with gender and everything to do with proper socialization, respecting boundaries, and bonding.
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Even if she doesn't offer a definitive two paws up on certain songs, you might discover the right sounds make your cat calmer.
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Do Cats Know When You Are Sad?
Cats use all of their senses to better understand and communicate with their favorite humans—including when we're feeling blue.

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