Cat Psychology

Unfortunately, as much as we wish it was possible, we pet lovers can't speak cat (though some of us unashamedly meow with all our might in private...just in case). That's why we asked the experts to give us some insight into common questions on cat psychology and how felines think to help us unravel the ball of yarn that is our cat's brain.

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Yes, Your Cat Loves You Back—Just Ask Scientists

Does my cat love me? As a cat owner, you may find yourself asking this...often. But your cat may not be as rude and heartless as you think they are. According to a new study, cats are just as attached to their owners as dogs are.

Cats Really Are Emotionally Attached to Their Owners—Even if They Don't Obviously Show It

Cats have a reputation for aloofness. But a new study found that they do actually form secure bonds with humans, and look to humans for comfort.

Yes, Your Cat Really Is Ignoring You, According to a New Study

You're not just imagining it. Cats can understand human speech, to a certain degree–but they're also selective about what they respond to.