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Cats and kittens make the sweetest pets! Learn everything you need to know about cat adoption, caring for a cat, and cute cat name ideas. Plus, take a look through the various cat breeds out there to decide which type of kitty is perfect for you!

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Just How Often Should I Really Be Feeding My Cat?

Should your cat be on a feeding schedule or be allowed to graze all day? See how often you should feed your kitty as she grows and her nutritional needs change.

7 Essential Supplies to Get Before You Adopt a Cat

So you've decided to get a cat. Before you head to the shelter, consider what cat essentials like food, toys, and litter box your new feline friend—or friends—will need.

The Joys of Adopting an Older Cat—Why Senior Cats Make Amazing Pets

Kittens aren't for everyone. Senior cats are a calmer alternative, with lots of love to give. Here's what you need to know about bringing home an older cat.

Stomatitis in Cats: Symptoms, Treatment, and Caring for Your Kitty's Mouth

The exact cause of this inflammatory condition has veterinary experts stumped, but there are some options to get your cat feeling better again.

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