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Cats and kittens make the sweetest pets! Learn everything you need to know about cat adoption, caring for a cat, and cute cat name ideas. Plus, take a look through the various cat breeds out there to decide which type of kitty is perfect for you!

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Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Here’s What You Should Know

We love to treat our feline friends, sometimes even with scraps of what we eat (oops). But can cats eat potatoes safely? Here’s what to know before they take a bite.

Can Cats See Color?

Do our favorite felines see color? Although cats don’t enjoy rainbows like we do, their vision is a little different than you might expect.

Everything You Need to Know About Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) in Cats

If your cat tests positive for FIV, there’s no need to panic. This disease does put him at an increased risk of developing other infections and illnesses, but with regular veterinary and home care he can still lead a full, happy life.

Is My Cat Too Fat? Here's What an Average Cat Should Weigh

Two feline veterinarians help us understand when a cat is at a normal weight and when he might need to cut back on the snacks.

One Simple Method That Can Help You Determine the Gender of a Kitten

Trying to tell the sex of a young kitten takes a little practice, but there are a few subtle signs to look for as you try to determine if they're boys or girls.

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