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After loving 19 cats, 11 dogs, and a canary, Tracey married someone allergic to all those creatures. Thankfully, she receives oodles of animal goodness sharing stories on Daily Paws! When not traveling, teaching yoga, or doing voiceover projects, she's an editorial strategist and developer for print, digital, and multimedia platforms.

'Cool' is often used to describe an attitude, a sense of style, or mere presence. So when we considered the wide range of cool dog breeds many pet parents seem to love, many interesting pups made the list! It's natural to get excited when you spot cool-looking dogs online, especially when you've come up with an equally cool name for them! Nevertheless, take your time researching breeds that catch your eye to ensure the best fit. Jo Myers, DVM, of Salida, Colo. is a telehealth practitioner on Vetster. She says while you might love how a dog looks, it's better to choose a canine buddy best suited to your lifestyle. "Having the option to 'test-drive' a dog before permanently adopting is a great way to see if you and the dog whose picture you fell in love with can actually live together." So be prepared to take notes on the following cool dogs!
As if we needed another reason to make our third trip to the garden center this week.
Eight-year-old Bryson Kliemann didn’t hesitate to sell his most valuable possessions to save his beloved dog, Bruce. Then the world jumped in on this tale of love.
  • breed group: working
  • breed size: extra large (101 lbs. or more)
  • other traits: easy to train, requires lots of grooming, tendency to chew, prone to health issues, highly territorial, low prey drive, high potential for weight gain, loves water, cold weather tolerant, good for first-time pet owners, strong loyalty tendencies, good hiking companion
  • colors: black, gray, brown / chocolate / liver
  • coat length/texture: long
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, playful
Few dogs fit the description of majestic but gentle giants as well as the loving, sweet, and mild-tempered Newfoundland. Easygoing with children and loyal to their families, they’re devoted pets you’ll want to learn more about.
Mason Glasco’s followers jumped significantly once people found delight in Cooter’s kitty chuckles!
When a clowder of cats and a Labradoodle have a front-row seat to their talented hoomans’ performances, it might just be a tie as to who loves music the most!
June is National Microchip Month! Updating cat and dog microchip registration greatly increases the odds your lost furbaby will make it home to you.
  • breed group: sporting
  • breed size: large (61-100 lbs.)
  • other traits: easy to train, easy to groom, high prey drive, loves water, good hiking companion, strong loyalty tendencies
  • colors: black, brown / chocolate / liver
  • coat length/texture: medium
  • temperament: friendly, outgoing, playful
Spirited and puppy-like, bouncy flat-coated retrievers are a rare breed but prized as focused hunting companions, terrific show dogs, and loving family pets.
Husky hybrids are sure to catch your eye, but once you know more about both of their intelligent and active parents, they’ll capture your heart, too!
If you’re ready to train a special canine companion with great intelligence and an impressive activity level, one of these dogs might be for you!
No matter how smashing the couples look (and they’re always fab!) of course we're cooing over all the cute animals in weddings!
Super smart, totally handsome, and ready to take on any task or trick you toss their way, these German shepherd hybrid breeds are great dogs for active people.
Even if “there” doesn’t exist, your kitty will probably want to take ownership of the space, for one reason or another.
Once she rolls out her mat, Secret the Australian shepherd is focused, balanced, and full of love for her human companion and all the wonderful things they do together.
“I should have been bit. I don’t know how I wasn’t bit!”
A veterinary expert says this behavior is one way for your cat to send a multitude of messages, so listen closely!
These retriever cousins are both active and friendly sporting dogs full of adoration, energy, and good humor! But do you know what sets them apart?
  • breed group: hybrid
  • breed size: small (0-25 lbs.)
  • other traits: hypoallergenic, requires lots of grooming, low prey drive, good hiking companion, apartment-friendly, easy to train, strong loyalty tendencies, prone to health issues, loves water, good for first-time pet owners
  • colors: black, gray, red, brown / chocolate / liver, fawn, cream, white
  • coat length/texture: long, medium, curly
  • temperament: outgoing, gentle, friendly, playful, anxious
For loving companionship, few breeds compare to the smart, cuddlesome, and playful Cavapoo. This crossbreed might also be a good choice as a low-allergen pet.
If you want to help a constipated cat, there are a couple of safe home remedies, but please consult your vet first before trying them.
With just one request on the popular neighborhood app, this dog-loving senior formed a new community of caring neighbors and pup friends.
Caring for sweet senior and ailing pups inspired this New Orleans couple to engineer a better solution for mobility and upstairs/downstairs cuddles.
  • breed group: hybrid
  • breed size: large (61-100 lbs.)
  • other traits: hypoallergenic, good hiking companion, hot weather tolerant, apartment-friendly, easy to train, easy to groom, high prey drive, strong loyalty tendencies, loves water
  • colors: gray, blue, cream, white, fawn, red, brown / chocolate / liver, black
  • patterns: merle, tricolor
  • coat length/texture: medium, curly, long
  • temperament: outgoing, friendly, playful, willful, gentle
An intelligent, athletic crossbreed with oodles of love to spare, Aussiedoodles could be a terrific choice for active pet parents who want a low-allergen pooch.
This kitty and sheep are truly best friends who adore one another, as evident in an adorable video. Just wait for the biscuits!
From the goberian and goldador to the golden dox and the goldendoodle, these golden retriever crossbreeds have a lot of good dog traits to share!
With their sleek coats and lovable personalities, these distinguished doggos deserve all the love and attention.