Tracey L. Kelley

After loving 19 cats, 11 dogs, and a canary, Tracey married someone allergic to all those creatures. Thankfully, she receives oodles of animal goodness sharing stories on Daily Paws! When not traveling, teaching yoga, or doing voiceover projects, she's an editorial strategist and developer for print, digital, and multimedia platforms.

  • breed group: hybrid
  • breed size: small (0-25 lbs.)
  • other traits: hypoallergenic, easy to train, easy to groom, tolerates being alone, apartment-friendly, good for first-time pet owners, strong loyalty tendencies
  • colors: brown / chocolate / liver, cream, black, blue, gray
  • patterns: bicolor, tricolor, sable, blue and tan
  • coat length/texture: wiry, curly
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, outgoing, playful
Few small hybrid dogs compare to the spirited and affectionate Yorkie-poo, a little firecracker of fun with devoted companionship every member of the family can enjoy.  
His remarkable recovery from such a tragic beginning strengthens our belief in the power of love. 
More than 10 years and 4,000 cats later, arborists Tom Otto and Shaun Sears of Cat Canopy Rescue continue to scale great heights just to make sure these kitties are safely returned home.
Young badger cubs don’t fare well on their own, so it was lucky that Lavender was found in time so she can grow up in a new family.
The photographer said spotting the incredibly rare bird was like winning nature's lottery.
After patient training, Vivian Li and her fiancé, Tony Yu, now take Archer on woodland hikes, urban treks, and even kayaking!
From cultural to mythological, this terrific list of dog names will inspire you!
Some of your dog’s broken nail issues you can take care of, while others need professional treatment. Either way, don't delay.
Might as well grab the box of tissues right now!
  • breed group: working
  • breed size: extra large (101 lbs. or more)
  • other traits: easy to train, easy to groom, prone to health issues, highly territorial, high prey drive, high potential for weight gain, apartment-friendly, strong loyalty tendencies, good hiking companion
  • colors: red, fawn
  • patterns: brindle
  • coat length/texture: short
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, outgoing, playful
Bullmastiff dogs are loyal, trusting, and gentle giants that offer only great companionship. If you’re fond of big, smart dogs with sweet dispositions, learn more about the lovable bullmastiff.
“After talking with staff, we’re almost positive it’s him!”
News we always love: a microchip helps a long-lost pet return home. Yay, Bella!
The key to finding her human came in the form of a tiny tattoo.
  • breed group: working
  • breed size: large (61-100 lbs.)
  • other traits: easy to train, requires lots of grooming, highly territorial, high prey drive, high potential for weight gain, apartment-friendly, cold weather tolerant, strong loyalty tendencies, good hiking companion
  • colors: cream, white
  • patterns: bicolor
  • coat length/texture: long
  • temperament: gentle, friendly, willful, outgoing, playful
Samoyeds are so pretty and cheerful, it’s easy to think they’re lazy lap pooches who don’t want to muss up their stunning white coats. But learn why this loyal, clever, and impish work dog lives best with outgoing, athletic people.
  • breed group: herding
  • breed size: medium (26-60 lbs.)
  • other traits: easy to train, easy to groom, highly territorial, high prey drive, cold weather tolerant, hot weather tolerant, strong loyalty tendencies, good hiking companion
  • colors: red, blue, gray
  • patterns: flecked / ticked / speckled, merle
  • coat length/texture: short
  • temperament: willful, outgoing, playful, aloof
Loyal but independent, an affectionate Australian cattle dog is a great match for anyone who shares his intelligence, high energy, attention to detail, and activity level. Learn more about this exceptional herding dog.
One sassy kitty allegedly chased two others up a tree to the rooftop, and the rest was history.
Exceptional canines and veterinary professionals will all get their chance to shine.
To get the inside scoop on fresh pet food meal plans, we asked the founder of Pet Plate to provide some tips.
Although we're more prone to tooth decay than our furry friends, a veterinary dentist provides insight into the condition and how regular dental care prevents rotten teeth from forming.
A veterinary dentist explains the reasons for pulling dogs’ teeth, the importance of aftercare, and what to consider when choosing a specialist.
Veterinary dentistry experts explain causes, treatment, and tips for keeping your dog's pearly whites healthier at home.
They won't always like their routine cleanings but regular home checkups combined with annual vet visits are good wellness practices.
Scared and confused after a car crash, the 200-pound lovable furball was lost for days before being reunited with his adoring family. 
Need a creative jumpstart for naming your sweet new golden? These options will have you beaming from ear to ear.
A new book by CBS News correspondent Martha Teichner shares an endearing tale of dog love and the unexpected friendship between their two matchmaking humans.