Emily Schroeder

Emily Schroeder has been an animal-lover since…well, forever! She spent the early part of her career at Time Inc., working for women’s lifestyle brands like Real Simple and Southern Living (to name a few), in various digital business development roles. And prior to landing her much-loved role as a staff writer for Daily Paws, she spent several years as a communications consultant. When Emily is not writing about our favorite four-legged friends, you can find her spending time with her husband and three adorable kiddos.

Raised with cats, this pit bull takes fitting in to a whole new level.
Little Paxton sure gets ready for bed exactly like a dog would. He looks like a shaved poodle to boot.
A collection of Russell terriers all gather under one human with the all-important fetch ball, just wanting him to throw it with every fiber of their being.
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Whiskers couldn't see when Joshua and Jose found him outside their home. Now, he's a rambunctious kitten with millions of fans on TikTok.
Usually we refer to corgis as "walking loaves of bread," but Hammy and Olivia seem to have a different food group in mind.
"Animals provide a sense of non-judgement. That is something that every human needs more of."
Sunsets and fresh air are the end-of-life therapy this dog dad is delivering. And it has us hitting "play" on the TikTok video again and again.
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This super sweet little pup really lives up to her name.
This scene is like something straight out of a Disney fairytale.
Marty's Place gives abandoned dogs lifelong care and a place to call home when they need it most.
Just additional proof that your clever canine is ready to live up to the title of Man's Best Friend—from the start!