Chad Taylor

Chad has been blessed with the ability to always find and adopt the Goodest Dog in the World with uncanny accuracy. When not writing, he also enjoys road trips, movie marathons and presidential history.

This golden retreiver's concentration is unmatched. Her awareness of her surroundings? Workin' on it!
Yet he never told the younger tortoises to get off his lawn.
Brace yourself—these little critters are as cute as they come.
The racecar driver is raising awareness to help the pups find the loving homes they deserve.
Freshpet's "Fresh in Show" aims to highlight the shelter pets we all know and love.
Who hasn’t been drunk at midnight and curious about seahorses?
The Mesquite Police Department K-9 was killed during a police pursuit through some woods in April.
Your guess is as good as ours on how this poor kitty got stuck in these bunk-bed stockades.
Nope, this isn't a the puggle you're probably thinking of. Unless you happen to be from Down Under—then you probably know plenty about these spiny anteaters.
You really have to be careful when you're walking your dog near bodies of water in Florida!
As of yet, none of the turtles have been reported to be ninjas.
The dog heard Flea meowing from the bottom of the well and was able to alert the neighbors—who then called the fire brigade.
Rescued from Best Friends Animal Society, Rexie Roo is proof that all animals deserve happy, loving homes.
The little Russell terrier mix helped his humans avoid getting caught in a nasty accident.
Four years and 700 miles were no match for this determined pup!
Comfort dogs like Very Good Boy Clarence are soft, patient, and excellent listeners.
Love is worth the wait—even if it's 1,176 days long.
The small pup's savior had to really shimmy down into the storm drain, but thankfully Lizzie was able to reunite with her family.
A returning hero! Give him the finest treats in all the land!
The maternal instinct transcends species, and this cat in Turkey proves it.