We've looked at all the angles—a.k.a. the only one available to us. The cat is innocent.
Tably uses the feline grimace scale and artificial intelligence to determine whether your cat is happy. If not, she could be in pain.
Not that baseball is always boring, but we sure love when a cat and praying mantis arrive on the scene to spice things up.
The toxins, which mold naturally produces, can seriously harm your dog.
Everyone loves a good day at the park, including these guys and their best friends.
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The hoods over your dog's head might look extremely cute, but they may not the best way to stop your dog's barking or ease her stress.
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At first glance, Hank might seem like a lot of work. But despite his energetic antics, his foster mom has us convinced that this little hellion is clearly the best. 
Jermaine Jackson was about to tip the garbage into his truck when he saw the dog.
The mother and her remaining kitten are recovering at Furget Me Not Animal Rescue after their traumatic experience.
You visit the chiropractor. Should your dog?
Thank goodness Russell and Kristen Beals where out driving and saw the fawn as parts of northern Pennsylvania flooded last week.
How much can those teensy little points do? Quite a bit, as it turns out.
Two zoos, in Denver and Oakland, have begun vaccinating their big cats and primates, some of the animals most at-risk of contracting the coronavirus.
When Mallory Edens' dog went missing last week, the Mets asked for help on Twitter. That message, plus an alert family, helped find her precious pup.
Daily Paws spoke with three pet waste business owners who are busier than ever after so many people adopted dogs during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Without Kimber, who alerted human rescuers to the location of the trapped person, the survivor might not have lived.
Lisa Ruthig, chair of the National Board of Certification For Animal Acupressure and Massage, walks us through the basics.
Fireworks scared poor Rajah from her South Carolina backyard last weekend, but she found her way back seven hours later.
The bloodhound with the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office was given an object to sniff before he led authorities to the building where the missing child was found.
Outdoor cats start breeding once the days get longer. That means lots of kittens—many of whom are looking for forever homes.
The user who posted the video to Instagram credited the young boy with "restoring faith in humanity."