Allaire Nuss

Allaire Nuss is a Staff Writer at Daily Paws. When she's not writing about adorable animals, you can find her at concerts, art museums, and outdoor climbing spots all around the Midwest.

Sweet Mia was lucky to survive the fire, and she was even luckier to be welcomed into a loving home.
She’s even getting her own honor cords when her handler graduates!
Name a more iconic duo than a puppy and a baby, we’ll wait.
They nicknamed the kitten Echo, but his new parent has since renamed the little adventurer Gremlin.
The red river hog piglet is the lone survivor of mama hog Artemis’s first litter and is also the first birth of its kind at the Franklin Park Zoo.
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The 13-week-old rat terrier suffered from congenital elbow luxation, a rare condition in which the rotated joint causes the paws to bend out of place.
The Cattery’s golden rule? “Always support the backside.”
Ruby’s own puppies hadn’t even opened their eyes yet when Ramblin’ Rose joined their family.
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