We regret to announce that Daily Paws has left the Internet

It was fun while it lasted.  We had pets joining us from around the world.  Many found a little bit of well-deserved star status.  Some found new homes.

Lancelot and I learned a few things about web design, a lot about contract development teams and still more about cats and dogs working together.  We learned that Daily Paws visitors are good animals, two-legged and four-. 

Thank you to:
  • All of our Daily Paws members.  Thousands, actually.  With beautiful dogs, cats, birds, fish, horses, rats, hamsters, lizards....
  • Thor Ivar Ekle at 1299design.  You took on every designer's nightmare - fixing an existing site without getting to redesign it from the ground up - with good humor and very good results.  Your patience, skills and quick work made a lot of folks happy.
  • Zobo Pets.  Whose pet fashions made Daily Paws stars shine more brightly.
We look forward to seeing you again, the sooner the better.


                                                                                                       Maya                                                                                                 Lancelot